Know your audience

Know your audience.

An online-only recruited audience testing service for film and episodic content.

We’ve got your back.

Indee comes to you from a team of industry veteran market researchers, security experts and media strategists. Our extensive reports are sharply focused on the specific content we’re testing. This helps filmmakers make informed decisions based on current trends in our rapidly changing entertainment & media industry.

Our team of veterans always has your back. Our market researchers have worked with Nielsen, Screenengine, OTX, Warner Bros. and handled over 5000 test screenings.

Our security and technology team have worked with Disney, Paypal, Facebook, Google and Uber and secure the content of the largest studios. When you engage with Indee, you’re in the company of the largest production and distribution houses that leverage the use of technology to empower their films and shows.

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How we test

Screened Audience

  • Transcontinental or Nationwide audience
  • 100% completion of all questions - guaranteed
  • Secured by verified personal information and NDA
  • Audience can be recruited in 48 hours

Industry Experts

  • Expert strategists from top research companies
  • Security trusted by major studios in Hollywood
  • Industry standard measures and norms
  • Analysts with decades of experience to help set up

Rabid Security

  • Forensic pixel tracking watermarks
  • Stream grabbers disabled
  • AES 128 encryption for video
  • Screeners self-destruct if shared gratuitously

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