Know your audience

Know your audience.

An online-only recruited audience testing service for film and episodic content.

We’ve got your back.

Brought to you by a team that has worked for top research vendors like Nielsen, OTX and built secure video screeners for the major studios in Hollywood.

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How we test

Screened Audience

  • Transcontinental or Nationwide audience
  • 100% completion of all questions - guaranteed
  • Secured by verified personal information and NDA
  • Audience can be recruited in 48 hours

Industry Experts

  • Expert strategists from top research companies
  • Security trusted by major studios in Hollywood
  • Industry standard measures and norms
  • Analysts with decades of experience to help set up

Rabid Security

  • Forensic pixel tracking watermarks
  • Stream grabbers disabled
  • AES 128 encryption for video
  • Screeners self-destruct if shared gratuitously

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