Have you picked the best title for your film?


If you’re torn between two titles for your project, we can scientifically help you determine the one which will engage your audience and buyers better - Starting from $150.

Indee specializes in research that tracks user engagement in their day-to-day behavior rather than relying on Q&A based focused groups.

We’re trusted with the research of some of the largest companies in media: Warner Bros., Focus Features, 21st Century Fox and over 200 others.


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How we validate the best title for your content
Quantitative testing

We inject two competing titles, evenly split into two groups of people from your target demographic - usually between 50,000 and 200,000 targeted individuals.


All other aspects being constant, we see which title invites more people to click and learn more. This gives you an accurate read of how many people are engaged by just the title of your content.

Qualitative testing

As an optional extra, we can also run qualitative analyses on what the target demographic expects to see based on the title by asking them pertinent questions on their expectations from a content bearing that title.


Within 24 hours you will have a definitive read on which of your titles is engaging the most users. Click here to download a sample report, or run your own test below.