Rabid Security for Your Films and Shows.


Indee’s best-in-class screeners help the largest studios and media companies test their content without fear of leaks. Our screening security sets the standard that most other media companies follow in the entertainment space. It is categorically impossible to hack content from Indee’s streaming app. Trusted by some of the largest studios in Hollywood, our security specialists push the boundaries to deal with the onslaught of hackers.

Forensic watermarks icon
Forensic Pixel Tracking Watermarks
Every single video copy is individually watermarked with the viewer’s info. Visual and invisible forensic watermarks ensure no one can anonymously leak your video.
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2 Factor Authentication
All testers are required to enter a uniquely generated code that will be sent to their phone via SMS or call every time they try to view a video. A link cannot work by just forwarding it to someone else.
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Encrypted Streams & Multi-DRM
We’ve actively tested on more than 181 million data points and counting. The analysis of your video has the benefit of everything we’ve learned so far.
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Stream Grabbers & Recording Disabled
The most common tools used to grab videos are browser extensions. Indee makes sure all your video files are obfuscated and invisible to the grabbers. Users also have the option of increased security where our app will disable all screen recording tools.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in running a research screening for your video.