About Indee’s market research screenings


Indee’s online market research test screenings provide our clients with the industry’s most in-depth performance analysis of their films, shows and other A/V content. We combine our individually customized questionnaires with ground-breaking, proprietary facial emotive tracking technology that was honed over a multitude of tests with clients including the largest studios, marketing companies and TV networks across the world.


FaceTrack, our artificial intelligence algorithm, reads the facial expressions of people watching your videos to deduce what is working and what isn’t and also helps understand the reasons behind why they are or not.


Indee’s research screenings are overseen by a team of market research executives with decades of experience at top market research firms and studio research departments.


Our technology has also helped drop the price points of traditional research to the point where it is now affordable for most independent productions.

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Secure Online Manifest Feedback Testing
Honed over decades, the manifest feedback system provides an unbiased methodology of audience testing. Indee let’s you deduce audience reactions, before a video is released. We achieve this using our state-of-the-art secure screener technology, that leverages the efficiencies of cloud computing.
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Augmented by Indee’s Facial Tracking System
The latent feedback from our proprietary FaceTrack, gives you clear indicators on what’s working and exactly why it is or isn’t, with actionable takeaways on the directions suggested.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in running a research screening for your video.