Pre-release market research screenings for video
The most in-depth performance analysis of your films, TV shows and ad commercials, trusted by the best in the business.
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About Indee's market research screenings
Our market research methodology and tools have been developed by a team of market research executives with decades of experience at top market research firms and studio research departments with over 5000 test screenings under our belt.
The tools we use to analyze your video’s performance.
Our tools help us provide truly comprehensive performance reports to our clients. From seasoned analysts, to emotional corroboration we bring you the bleeding edge of media research technology.

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A proprietary facial emotion tracking system that helps better understand a viewer’s emotional engagement with a video. It’s fast, accurate and completely location agnostic.
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Screened Audiences
Test your film with varied demographic cohorts by picking from our pre-screened audience base. Pick from viewers in the US, UK, EU, Australia or India and begin your screenings in under 24hrs.
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Video Security
Every screener sent is uniquely generated and watermarked. In addition a 128bit AES Encryption layer and DRM ensure your videos are on the most secure streaming environment anywhere online.
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Dedicated Analysts
Our team of research analysts come with decades of experience from giants like Nielsen, IPSOS, MPG, Deloitte, Google and Disney. Suffice it to say, that your videos are in rather capable hands.
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Online + Offline Testing
We understand some videos are just too high-value to risk with digital screening. To mitigate this, we’ve developed offline, in person research screenings. This is the highest grade in security.
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Custom Questionnaires
We obtain responses from your viewers with the help of fully customizable questionnaires; standard objective/MCQ style, open ended or even pictorial to help ascertain the most nuanced of details.
Feedback without the biases
Corroborate verbal feedback from your audience’s views with their facial emotion graphs to get the whole picture of how the audience perceives your video.

Test virtually any video format, well before its release.
Our pre-release research technologies help video makers and producers across industries build better video. From marketers, independent film makers, to the largest studios, Indee can handle all your videos.

Run multivariate tests with different versions of your ads. Go to market with the best testing version and maximize your return on investment.
Feature Films
Ideal for film production houses in the editing phase, get strategic insights to help you improve both the playability and marketability of your film.
Designed to streamline your team’s decisions around promotional content for your upcoming films. It builds on the industry’s intercept study model.
Episodic Testing
Our episodic content tests include pilot testing, continued playability studies as well as testing for new media content such as webisodes and edutainment episodes.
Title & Pitch
Test different names and descriptions of your video to see which one is engaging the best with your target audience.
Powerful research experience meets technology.
Our team of market research specialists come with decades of experience and have cumulatively tested more than 5000 films. With our technology and expertise in film and video research, you’re in very capable hands.
Jane Epstein
Jane Epstein
Nielsen NRG, TNS Global
Peter Graves
Peter Graves
Warner Communications, MGM/UA, Polygram
George Zaver
George Zaver
Paramount, Warner Bros, IPSOS
Sharan Reddy
Sharan Reddy
Deloitte, Disney
Reach out to us if you’re interested in running a research screening for your video.