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Individual Project section

The control center of a project, you can send screeners, upload videos, edit project metadata, manage screeners, view analytics, manage users and manage their project’s subscription here. It’s the project’s hub and is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
Once you’ve entered your desired project, you will see a screen divided into two distinct sections. A narrow blue navigation panel to the left and a white activity panel occupying the majority of the screen, to the right. Let’s dive in and see how each of these sections is used.


On clicking through the desired project, you will land in the video management section of your project. Videos are listed in reverse chronological order of upload from left to right. Clicking on a video thumbnail opens the video up in a pop up window. You can also dive into the video’s engagement analytics graph from here. Below are some more details on the features of the videos section.

Video Limits on Projects

To enable our users to always have the best and swiftest experience on Indee, we’ve added video limits to their projects. Depending on which plan your project is subscribed to, a different video limit applies. The limit for the Free Trial Plan is 1, 30 for the Premium Plan and 40 for the High Security Plan.
Image showing the video management section of your Indee project

Adding a video

The first tile on the video section of your project is a quick link to add a new video to the project. Clicking this launches the video upload workflow. This is the same workflow you might’ve encountered while creating your project. Read more on uploading a new video here.

Editing a video

Below every video thumbnail is the video ID and an edit button. Selecting the ‘edit’ option launches the video edit form. It must be noted that you can only edit a video’s meta content and not the video file itself. To elaborate, only the video name, watermark position and high resolution video thumbnail can be edited. We do not support file replacement as each video uploaded is uniquely transcoded to meet our encryption and security standards.
Image showing a video upload to your Indee project in progress

Cumulative engagement

Understand your viewers better with Indee’s engagement insights. This simple graph overlaid on your video will show you how your screener recipients have been viewing your content. Simply click on a video thumbnail and select ‘engagement’ from the dropdown next to the text ‘view analytics’. This populates the engagement graph across every viewer for that particular video. Learn where your content’s engagement is peaking or which scenes were skipped the most with the help of this graph. You can also access engagement graph at an individual level from the screener details section.
Image showing the cumulative engagement graph of an example Indee screener

Deleting a video

Next to the edit button below the video’s thumbnail is a small bin icon. Click on this to initiate video file deletion. Confirming file deletion from the popped up alert is not reversible, although, it’s easy enough to re-upload your file on Indee. Screener information pertaining to the deleted video however, will no longer be available and all active screeners of the video will immediately be disabled.
If your video has been deleted and you need to reinstate it, please reach out to us at support@indee.tv.