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In these times of hyper connectivity, teams are often distributed and we realize there may not be a single owner of every project uploaded. This is why we’ve created the role of ‘project managers’. Invite your team mates from the users tab in your project, in two simple steps and share the responsibility of promoting your titles. Let’s look at how user roles can help your team structure a more efficient workflow to help your promotional activity.
Image showing the user management section of your Indee project

How users on Indee work

There are two distinct user roles on Indee, the ‘project owner’ and the ‘project manager’. The owner is the creator of a project, while the manager is usually a team member invited by the owner to collaborate on the project. It is the project owner’s account that is charged for the project’s subscription. While project managers have access to the operational aspects like sending and managing screeners, only project owners have access to any settings, payments or subscription level operations. This ensures data security and allows for streamlined accounting.

Most companies have a central account mapped to a company card, with common login credentials. For E.g. Suppose Suprafilms sets up an Indee account with the email media@suprafilms.com. All their projects are created on this account using the common login credentials. Team members Thomas and Jessica are sent invitations to manage various Suprafilms projects with their work emails, thomas@suprafilms.com and jessica@suprafilms.com respectively. The two accept the invites and subsequently use their own emails to login to Indee. All the Suprafilms projects they’ve accepted to manage appear on their project listing screens on login. They have full operational access to these projects, however control around the project subscriptions, billing details or any other account settings rests with the media@suprafilms.com account.

Add project managers

Adding project managers on Indee is literally just a two step process. Click on the ‘users’ tab from the project navigation and subsequently click on the ‘add new manager’ button. This will prompt you to enter the email address of the individual you would like to add as a manager to your project. Fill in the email address and select ‘add manager’. This triggers a project management invitation request to the individual. Once the invitee accepts your request, the project will appear on their project listing on login.

Delete project managers

Teams keep changing and so do responsibilities. To help with these uncertainties, you have the option of removing managers from your projects. Click on the bin icon corresponding to the manager whose access you desire to revoke. Confirm your decision on the alert that pops up, and the manager will be deleted from the project.