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This is where you can manage your project’s subscriptions. As you might’ve read earlier, Indee offers two paid plans and one free trial plan. While the trial plan is only available for a your first ever project on Indee, the premium and high-security plans are applicable to every project. Let’s dive into the benefits of each of these pricing plans.
Image showing Indee subscription plans

The trial plan - $0/month

This entry level plan, is best used as a sand-box for independent film makers/media studies students who don’t have the budgets to run on either of our paid plans. The trial plan is available only on the first ever project created on Indee, and is non-transferrable. This plan does not require any card or billing details to be entered to start using. Here’s the full list of features available to you on the Trial Plan:

• 1 Project & 1 Video
• 20 screeners per month
• 1080p streamed video
• Visible watermarks
• Engagement analytics
• Chat support

The premium plan - $25/month

This is Indee’s most widely adopted plan, used by professionals and studios across the world. At this price point, you enjoy 30 video uploads per project and 200 screeners per month. Links can be secured with the help of passwords over and above the encryption layer we provide. Get state of the art engagement analytics and a host of other features like:

• 30 videos
• 200 screeners
• 1080p streamed videos
• Visible watermarks
• Encrypted streams
• Auto-destructing screeners
• Engagement analytics
• Add project managers
• Password Protected Links
• Chat and Email support

The high security plan - $250/month

Our enterprise plan is designed for large studios who demand the highest standards of security, usually preferred by companies with large catalogs. Choose this plan if your projects are too high-profile to risk. The key features are as follows:

• 40 videos
• 150 forensic watermarks
• 1000 premium screeners
• 1080p streamed videos
• Visible watermarks
• Encrypted streams
• Auto-destructing screeners
• Engagement analytics
• Add project managers
• Phone Verification
• Multi-DRM Encryption
• Customized pages
• Priority Email support

Subscription cycle

All plans on Indee are charged per project per month. This gives you the flexibility to pay only for projects currently in use. Indee initiates all charges at the beginning of the month. New subscriptions are always charged on a pro rata basis. For E.g., if you subscribe your new project on the 14th of Nov, Indee will only charge you for the remainder of the month and not for the entire duration of the month.

Switching between plans

You can switch between subscription plans at any given point during your project’s lifecycle. The subscriptions tab in the project, displays the current plan by highlighting the appropriate pricing tile. To switch to a new plan, select the ‘switch to this plan’ button present below an alternate pricing tile. If the switch is to a higher pricing tier, the switch is immediate. We realize your requirements for the higher tier features might be immediate. However, if you choose to switch to a lower tier, you receive the benefits of your current plan till the end of the billing cycle, after which the plan switches in the new cycle.

Cancelling plans

The advantage of Indee’s project based pricing is the ability to switch on and off project subscriptions as and when required. You never have to pay for a project that isn’t in use, and it’s dead simple to switch the state of your project’s subscription. Head into the subscriptions tab and select the ‘cancel plan’ button below the highlighted tile. Confirm your cancellation on the alert that pops up and you’re done. However, the project remains active till the end of that billing cycle.

Screener refreshers

It’s not uncommon for users to run out of screeners during the busy business months. To solve this we’ve introduced screener refresher packs. While this doesn’t change your subscription plan per sé, it does reset your screener count and enable sending more screeners than your plan’s max limit for the month.
On exhausting your screeners during any given cycle, use the ‘renew subscription’ link at the bottom of the screen and confirm your intention to reset on the dialog box that pops up. This will renew your subscription and refresh your screener count.