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Indee Screener View

Image showing a sample Indee secure screener
Indee’s screener view page is designed to give its users a familiar and easy-to-navigate interface that’s optimized for the most popular current day browsers. The image above should give you a good indication on how your screeners would appear when a recipient opens your links. All screener viewers have access to continuous chat support which they can reach with the help of the chat icon on the bottom right corner.

Requesting access to expired screeners

With limited views and an expiry date looming, your screener recipients may often be met with an unplayable screener link. This is of course by design, and it ensures your film’s security. However, to counter this, recipients can request access by providing their email addresses and a short message on the reason for an extension.
Image showing the request access screen for an inaccessible Indee secure screener