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Creating a project on Indee

The project is a convenient and efficient system of organizing your videos on Indee. Think of it as a folder management system, where each folder contains videos from a unique production. For e.g. if your current production is called ‘The Road to Xandar’, all videos pertaining to it would go into the ’The Road to Xandar’ project (teasers, trailers, feature). Creating your project is the first step to using Indee and should take you no more than a few minutes to set up. The project creation process has three steps; the first step pertains to the details of the project to be created, the second pertains to video upload and the third the selection of a subscription plan. To help get you started, here’s a quick glance at everything you need to know.

Image showing the project details page of an Indee project
Image showing a sample Indee secure screener

Naming your Project

We recommend you simply name your project the title of the production. For example, if your production is named ‘The Road to Xandar’, you would use the same for your project on Indee.

Adding a Project Poster

The poster is an important component of your project. It appears on your account’s project listing page, helping you navigate through your projects with ease, the project detail section and on your screeners. We suggest uploading high resolution images so recipients of your screeners have the best viewing experience. When a user doesn’t upload a poster, Indee appends a default poster in its place. Currently no customizations are available on this.

Poster dimension specifications
The ideal poster size on Indee is 208px x 316px (width x height). However, users can also upload posters with either a minimum height of 316px or a minimum width of 208px. Our system will scale the image as required maintaining the image’s aspect ratio. Below are some illustrated examples of how your posters would appear:
Image showing recommended poster dimensions for your Indee project

Adding a project description

The project description is a brief synopsis of your film. It helps recipients of your screeners grasp the thematic elements before watching the film. We recomend a well crafted description of about 75 words. While there isn’t an upper word limit, descriptions that are too long tend to be counter productive. Below is a good example of a project description:
When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.

Choosing your project's genres

We understand it’s often hard to tie down your video to a single genre. Which is why you can check as many boxes as you need to. Anywhere between 2 - 4 is a good number.

Kind of project

Check this box if your project contains multiple episodes. This could be a TV show, documentary series, MOOC, or any other format containing multiple parts. Checking this option will allow you to add video level descriptions, similar to project descriptions, only shorter. This comes especially helpful if you’re sending out screener rooms for your project. Recipients will be able to read brief descriptors of each video to prime them before the watch.

Including your cast and crew

Fill in your cast and crew information to display along with the project description on your screeners. Most users usually add information of their key cast and crew members, however if your video has a powerful cast and crew lineup, we’d recommend adding them all.